Updating our greenhouse, and business

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LED koko kasvihuone

Updating our greenhouse, and business

In the end of the summer 2016 we invested in LED lights. With LED lights we are trying to achieve energy saving, better and more vital crops and high-quality and tasty tomatoes also during the winter time.

Environmental issues, green technology and production efficiency have always been the issues that we have wanted to apply in our business. It is the most important for us to maximize the yield while maintaining high quality in our tomatoes. Here in Finland though we have challenges because production costs, like electricity, oil and gas, are very high and many times there is a certain range in which you have to operate in order to get a good yield at reasonable costs. This is why we have seen it to be very important to keep up with the development of the greenhouse technology.

Since Jonas started and built the greenhouse in the 2010 he took in use a circulation system for irrigation water. This means that non of the fertilized water is passed to the nature but it is circulated back in use through biofilters. A very common and mandatory technic in the rest of Europe but here in Finland we are one of the few ones that are circulating irrigation water. In the year 2015 we took in use our heating plant where we are using biofuels like peat and wood chips instead of heating with oil and gas.

The latest investment in our greenhouse we did this summer and installed LED lights. Talking about how many micromoles a light is giving for the plants, the LED lights in comparision to the common HPS lights are better. This was the reason we chose LEDs over the HPS lights as interlightning for the plants. Now we are just expecting to see the results of our investment with great enthusiasm.

Updating our company doesn’t limit only to the greenhouse technology. We are all the times looking better and more effective ways how to perform our work, sales and marketing. One good example is this new homepage that we created with a professional help. Our aim is to let people follow what is actually happening here in our greenhouse in the most beautiful Archipelago in the world. Obviously most of the news and postings are in Finnish and Swedish but now and then we’ll be writing some few words in English too.

Have a lovely and beautiful autumn time!

With our warmest regards,

Jonas & Minna


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