The nature is important to us. The cultivation techniques affect into the taste of the tomatoes and their quality. Our tomatoes are grown in the modern style greenhouses in the Turku archipelago, on the islands Korpo and Houtskär.

The environment has been taken into consideration in the cultivation.DSC02721

  • We don’t use any chemical pesticides. In our greenhouses we prevent plant diseases and insect pests using biological methods. The biological methods are not dangerous for the environment or for the tomatoes. You can eat our tomatoes even without washing them!
  • We are heating our greenhouses with biofuels. Our bio heating plant in Korpo was completed in the early spring 2015 and since then we’ve been taking the heat in to the greenhouse by burning peat or wood chips. In Houtskär we have had bio heating plant since 2004.
  • Our water consumption is approximately 30 % less than in the conventional greenhouse in Finland. This is possibly for us because we are circulating the irrigation water and we are one of the rare ones in Finland that are doing this. In the Europe it has been mandatory for a long time to circulate the irrigation water. We also collect the rain water for our use. We are using bio and UV-filters to clean all the water we use in the greenhouses therefore there aren’t any chemical residues in the water.
  • During the year 2016 we are installing LED lights in order to improve the light in the greenhouse in Korpo. LED lights are consuming less energy than the normal HPS lights but they are also giving better and more valuable light for the plants.

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

The origin of tomato is in Peru. Tomato belongs to fruit plants.

In the Nordic countries people became familiar with tomato in the 17th century. It was thought in the Europe that tomatoes were poisonous, because it was related to the potato and potatoes poisonous fruit look like a green tomato.

Tomato contains a lot of carotenoids that are called lycopene. Tomato red color comes from lycopene.shaker_minuluumutomaatti

Shaker Mini plum tomato

Lovely mini plum tomato is much sweeter and smaller than the traditional tomato. They are sold in the “minishaker” and they are really multipurpose tomatoes: for snacking, for salads, for smoothies etc. Mini plum tomato is really a tasty health bomb!